Feedback Link Review: Social Proof Platform

Gain an in-depth insight into Feedback Link and its features, functionality, and pricing to see how it stacks up against other options. This online management platform empowers you to easily generate reviews and stay in control of your online reputation.

Reputation Brief is excited to explore and review the many tools and software that startups and enterprises can use to manage and automate their online reviews. Our goal is to empower potential clients with the confidence to gain total control of their online reputation and optimize their results.

What is Feedback Link?

Feedback Link is a platform that enables users to create, request, track, analyze, and operationalize feedback from traditional, conversational, and website surveys, as well as track, manage, and respond to reviews, and convert leads from Facebook, Twitter, Google, and SMS in one place.

They help businesses build online credibility by collecting actionable customer feedback — guiding happy customers to leave reviews and testimonials or share their positive experiences through social media. They also give out the option to complete a survey, all to help their clients figure out what satisfies their customers and find any room for improvement.

In Feedback Link, they believe you can turn your customers and patrons into promoters to help expand your online credibility. By either guiding delighted customers to review, leave feedback, and share their positive experiences on social media. Or route unsatisfied customers directly to the businesses to avoid complaints getting lost online.

Who is Feedback Link for?

Feedback Link caters to companies and businesses looking to collect feedback, respond to reviews, automate engagement, and track, manage, and respond to reviews in one place.

It provides tools to create, request, track, analyze, and operationalize feedback from traditional, conversational, and website surveys. It also provides text analytics and solutions for converting leads from different locations. Moreover, it helps encourage satisfied clients to leave positive feedback on various online review sites.

Feedback Link is designed to help companies in all industries stay on top of their online reputation. It provides a comprehensive toolkit that enables businesses of all sizes to take advantage of online reviews and make them work in their favor.

Feedback Link Cost and Pricing

(Pricing model evaluation: March 2023)

Feedback Link offers services for small businesses and big agencies. They provide monthly billing with the option to cancel or change the chosen package anytime.

They have a custom plan that allows possible clients to customize the package to tailor-suit the services according to their needs. They also offer the following packages.

LEARN Package: Available for $19/month, offers a maximum of 200 feedback responses in a single location, 500 email invites, 50 SMS credits, 2 social proof widgets, 1000 widget page views, and 6 translated languages.

ENGAGE Package: Available for $69/month. It offers unlimited responses in up to 5 locations, 5000 email invites, 1000 SMS credits, importing online reviews from other websites, 10 social proof widgets, unlimited widget page views, and 6 translated languages.

SOAR Package: Available for $329/month. It comes with unlimited responses in up to 30 different locations, 100000 email invites, 10000 SMS credits, importing online reviews from other websites, automatically sending feedback requests, unlimited social proof widgets, unlimited widget page views, and 6 translated languages.

Feedback Link vs. Reputation Brief: A Comparison

As of writing, Feedback Link has an existing lifetime deal. It is a technique many startup companies utilize to raise money at the beginning of a venture. Still, it can be problematic when it comes to generating monthly revenue.

A lifetime deal is a good way to raise money, but you must find regular customers as soon as possible for the long term.

Some similarities between Feedback Link and Reputation Brief are — both platforms provide review management and review generation services. They both offer campaigns tailored to suit potential clients’ marketing endeavors and application integration and social sharing.

Some of the differences are — Feedback Link provides an automated workflow for efficient review response management whereas Reputation Brief offers an extra level of automation and personalization features.

Feedback Link Alternatives

There are many great alternatives to Feedback Link such as Reputation Brief, Profile Rankings, Podium, Stamped, Reviewbot, and several more start-up players in the market.

All of these platforms offer similar services that Feedback Link provides, but they also come with different packages and services.

It’s important to compare and research the features of each platform to discover the one that can best meet your business needs.

About Reputation Brief

Reputation Brief is a platform that helps businesses of all sizes automate their online reputation management. It allows them to generate, manage, market, and analyze online reviews easily and conveniently.

By automating the process of managing reviews, Reputation Brief helps businesses develop customer confidence and drive sales, resulting in increased profits.