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The Growing Influence of Online Reviews on Consumer Trust

Imagine browsing online for a new coffee shop. You type in “best coffee near me” and are immediately greeted with stars, comments, and testimonials from fellow coffee enthusiasts. This is the reality of the digital age – where the opinions of strangers can heavily sway your next sip of espresso.

Online reviews have metamorphosed into a form of social proof that significantly impacts consumer trust. The journey from browsing to buying is often paved with these digital endorsements.

Review websites are the modern-day word of mouth, a digital megaphone amplifying customer voices to shape brand perception on a grand scale. When you read glowing testimonials about a local bakery’s heavenly croissants, or contrastingly, tales of disappointing customer service, these narratives weave together to form a tapestry that portrays the brand’s public image.

Top 20 Customer Review Websites to Watch in 2024

Google My Business: The Dominant Player in Online Reviews

Google My Business reigns as the unparalleled titan in the online review landscape, often being the first port of call for customers seeking information about a business. Here’s why:

Best for Visibility: Google’s omnipresence on the internet means when customers search for your business, your Google reviews are prominently displayed. This high visibility makes a well-maintained Google My Business profile a non-negotiable asset for enhancing your local presence.

Google Business Profile

Top 5 Features:

  1. Direct integration with search and maps
  2. Real-time updates for business hours and services
  3. Photo uploads to showcase your business visually
  4. Insights on how customers find and interact with your listing
  5. A user-friendly platform for responding to customer feedback

Yelp: The Go-To Platform for Business Recommendations

Yelp has become the synonym for online business reviews, and it’s easy to understand why. Known for its robust user base and comprehensive review system, Yelp can give any business from the corner café to the downtown salon the exposure needed to draw in locals and visitors alike.

Best for Authenticity: Yelp’s platform is designed to foster an engaged community of users who provide authentic reviews based on their experiences. This makes Yelp a gold mine for genuine feedback.

Top 5 Features:

  1. User-generated photo and review uploads
  2. Advanced filters for search by location, category, and rating
  3. “Yelp Deals” and “Check-In Offers” feature to incentivize customers
  4. Notification when a business responds to a review
  5. The “Request a Quote” feature enabling instant customer-business interaction

Facebook: Leveraging Social Media for Customer Feedback

Stepping into the review arena, Facebook offers more than just connections—it’s a space where customers can voice their experiences with a tap on their screen.

Best for Engagement: Facebook’s intuitive layout promotes not only a business’s services but also a dialogue between customers and the business, fostering a sense of community along with customer feedback.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Recommendations and reviews visible directly on the business page
  2. Ability to share reviews and engage with them through comments and reactions
  3. Multimedia support, enabling visual representation through photos and videos
  4. Tagging features such as “great service” or “friendly staff”
  5. Integration with Facebook Messenger for immediate customer service interactions

TripAdvisor: Essential for Travel and Hospitality Businesses

For businesses nestled in the travel and hospitality sector, TripAdvisor emerges as a prime catalyst for influencing the decisions of globetrotters and casual vacationers alike.

Best for Exposure: TripAdvisor specializes in travel-focused content and reviews, boasting an audience actively seeking adventures and accommodations, making it a staple in any travel-related business’s online strategy.

Local SEO

Top 5 Features:

  1. Traveler ratings and reviews with a system of Tripadvisor “badges” for high achievers
  2. A comprehensive platform for listings that include hotels, restaurants, attractions, and more
  3. User-generated photos to enhance credibility and attractiveness
  4. Forum for travelers’ questions and management responses
  5. Analytics tools to understand customer demographics and behavior

Better Business Bureau (BBB): Establishing Trust and Credibility

When business owners aim to infuse their operations with an aura of trust and credibility, turning their sights to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) can be a particularly astute move.

Best for Trustworthiness: Standing tall as a beacon of trust, the BBB not only offers a platform for customer feedback but also a comprehensive evaluation of business practices, cementing a company’s status as a trustworthy entity.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Business accreditation signifying adherence to BBB’s ethical standards
  2. A detailed rating system ranging from A+ to F reflecting overall trustworthiness
  3. Display of customer complaints and company responses
  4. Profiles that highlight business accreditation, reviews, and complaint histories
  5. Alerts for scam or unethical business practices for consumer awareness

Angie’s List: Connecting Homeowners and Service Providers

Angie’s List, now known as Angi, holds a special place in the hearts of homeowners looking for a trustworthy source to find and review local service professionals, from plumbers to painters.

Best for Home Services: Angi’s platform is particularly tailored for those in the domestic sphere, providing a conduit for homeowners to directly tap into the pulse of local home service excellence.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Customized service recommendations based on user preferences
  2. Verified reviews to ensure authenticity and trustworthiness
  3. Easy access to service quotes and business profiles
  4. A vast array of home service categories from repair to renovation
  5. Stringent background checks for service professionals listed on the site

Trustpilot: Encouraging Transparency in Online Company Reviews

For businesses looking to build a reputation on honest feedback and transparency, Trustpilot emerges as a go-to platform. It encourages customers to rate their experiences openly, fostering a community where shared experiences drive buying decisions.

Best for Trust Building: With its foundation built on verified reviews, Trustpilot positions itself as a trustworthy resource where consumers can make informed decisions based on the authentic experiences of others.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Robust verification process to ensure genuine customer reviews
  2. Widget options to display Trustpilot reviews on company websites
  3. Detailed analytics to track company review performance
  4. Invitation system for businesses to proactively request reviews
  5. SEO benefits, as Trustpilot listings often appear in search results

Amazon Customer Reviews: Vital for E-commerce Sellers

In the sprawling marketplace of Amazon where millions of products vie for attention, customer reviews serve as guiding lights that influence purchasing choices, making them indispensable for sellers.

Best for E-Commerce Impact: Amazon’s review system is designed to help potential buyers make informed decisions, enhancing product visibility and convincing others to add items to their carts.

Social Media Platforms

Top 5 Features:

  1. “Verified Purchase” label to distinguish genuine buying experiences
  2. Star rating system accompanied by detailed written reviews
  3. Integration of user-uploaded images and videos with reviews
  4. Helpful vote features for steering the most useful reviews to prominence
  5. Algorithmically generated “Amazon’s Choice” tags based on positive reviews

Glassdoor: Employee Reviews Impacting Employer Reputation

Glassdoor shines light on the internal mechanics of businesses, presenting a unique stage where current and former employees can anonymously express their candid perspectives about their workplace.

Best for Employer Branding: With a wealth of insights into company cultures and management practices, Glassdoor reviews are crucial for maintaining an attractive employer brand and luring top-tier talent.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Anonymous employee reviews to encourage open and honest feedback
  2. Detailed rating system for specific aspects like culture, benefits, and management
  3. Salary and compensation data that provide transparency to job seekers
  4. Job listings linked alongside company reviews
  5. Company responses that allow employers to engage with feedback

Foursquare: Location-Based Discovery and Client Feedback

Amidst the bustling online review scene, Foursquare distinguishes itself with a focus on the power of place, offering a platform built around location-based discovery and feedback that can bolster a business’s physical footprint.

Best for Hyper-Local Targeting: Foursquare shines for businesses whose lifeblood is foot traffic, providing a digital environment that reflects their physical community and customer base.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Location-centric search and discovery tools
  2. User “check-ins” that promote engagement and share the visit experience
  3. “Tips” and recommendations by local experts and regular patrons
  4. Business portfolios showcasing offerings via photos and menus
  5. Map integration that assists with navigation and locational context

Zomato: A Must for Restaurants to Monitor Reviews

In the competitive world of culinary delights, Zomato stands out as a restaurant reviewer’s haven, crucial for restaurateurs keen on understanding and enhancing their patrons’ dining experiences.

Best for Culinary Communities: With its laser focus on connecting food lovers with the right restaurants, Zomato tops the menu for dining establishments that desire to be at the forefront of the local food scene.

customer review websites

Top 5 Features:

  1. Filterable search options by cuisine, location, and user ratings
  2. Detailed restaurant listings with menus, photos, and dining features
  3. User reviews with both dine-in and take-out experiences accounted for
  4. Integration for table reservations and online ordering
  5. Options for restaurants to run targeted advertising campaigns

G2 Crowd: B2B Software and Service Reviews

For businesses navigating the complex landscape of B2B software solutions, G2 (formerly known as G2 Crowd) has evolved into the Yelp of software, serving as a repository of collective wisdom and a compass for decision-makers.

Best for Software Discovery: G2’s niche focus on B2B software reviews provides unmatched clarity on what tools and services are best suited to a company’s specific operational needs.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Peer-to-peer review system validating user experiences
  2. Comparative function that pits similar products against one another
  3. G2 Grids that categorize software based on market presence and satisfaction
  4. Crowd-sourced data contributing to quarterly market reports
  5. Filtering options by business size, region, and market segment

Capterra: Software Solution Reviews Helping Business Decisions

Capterra serves as a treasure trove of information for companies searching for the right software to meet their diverse business needs, with an emphasis on equipping decision-makers with the insights necessary for informed investments.

Best for Business Software Insights: With its extensive collection of software reviews, Capterra is key for companies wanting to navigate the digital terrain with confidence, ensuring that every software acquisition is a step toward enhanced productivity.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Wide-ranging software categories with detailed reviews and ratings
  2. Intuitive comparison tool to evaluate software side-by-side
  3. Filters for features, business size, industry, and user ratings
  4. User testimonials highlighting pros, cons, and specific use cases
  5. Software vendors can utilize a PPC advertising program for increased visibility

OpenTable: Critical for Restaurant Patrons and Owners Alike

OpenTable brings a blend of convenience and insight to the table for both diners and restaurateurs by facilitating easy reservations and offering a platform for diner reviews, creating a full-circle dining experience.

Best for Dining Decisions: Thanks to its dual function of booking and review, OpenTable is essential for restaurant-goers and owners who prioritize seamless service and the power of peer recommendations.

online reviews

Top 5 Features:

  1. User-friendly reservation system integrated with individual restaurant availability
  2. Detailed diner reviews including star ratings and written feedback
  3. Reward points system incentivizing frequent use and patronage
  4. Inclusion of menus and restaurant information for preparatory perusal
  5. Insights for restaurant owners to manage their reservations and customer relations

Sitejabber: Consumer-Focused Business Insights

Sitejabber steps into the online review ecosystem with a consumer-centric approach that gives customers a loudspeaker to share their experiences, while imbuing businesses with valuable insights directly from their customer base.

Best for Browser-Based Research: Unique to Sitejabber is its browser extension, which neatly integrates with a user’s internet search habits, automatically serving up the scoop on businesses without the need for a detour to a separate review site.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Browser extension that displays ratings and reviews during searches
  2. User reviews that include both star ratings and in-depth commentary
  3. Business response feature, allowing companies to engage with reviewers
  4. Trust seals that businesses can display on their websites
  5. Dedicated categories and filters facilitating targeted search for services and products

Manta: Small Business Reviews and Networking

Manta carves out a special niche for small businesses, providing a directory and networking hub designed to uplift the local mom-and-pop shops that are the backbone of so many communities.

Best for ‘Mom and Pop’ Shops: With the mantra of empowering small businesses, Manta positions itself as an accessible platform that simplifies the conundrum of online marketing and networking for less tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Easy-to-navigate business listings enhanced with keywords and ratings
  2. Free and customizable business profiles for enhanced visibility
  3. Paid marketing features for ads, web design, and broader web presence
  4. Engagement through customer reviews, highlighting community experiences
  5. Networking opportunities with other local businesses or potential partners

Yellow Pages: Online Directory with User Reviews

Transcending its historical roots as a paper directory, Yellow Pages has evolved into an authoritative online directory replete with user reviews—a testament to its enduring relevance in an internet-driven world.

Best for Local Discovery: Yellow Pages remains a household name that people turn to for discovering and validating local businesses, with the added modern touch of user-generated reviews.

Digital Marketing

Top 5 Features:

  1. Comprehensive listings of businesses across various industries
  2. User reviews that augment business profiles with community feedback
  3. Features such as map integration to aid in geographical orientation
  4. City guides that spotlight local businesses and their offerings
  5. Ability for businesses to include BBB ratings and business tenure to enhance credibility

Houzz: Home Renovation and Design Feedback Platform

For design enthusiasts and renovation mavens, Houzz is a vast canvas displaying the artistry of home improvements. It’s not just a gallery; it’s an appraisal space where the craftsmanship of architects, designers, and contractors meets the scrutinizing eyes of homeowners.

Best for Home Improvement Insights: With a combined touch of social media and customer review site, Houzz is the platform where tales of stunning makeovers and rave reviews build the reputations of those in the home improvement sphere.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Visual portfolios for professionals to showcase their projects
  2. Customer reviews that highlight the quality of work and client satisfaction
  3. Ideabooks to inspire and collect design concepts
  4. Detailed professional listings, including services offered, contact info, and project histories
  5. Home-oriented discussion forums for advice and insights

Bing Places for Business: Microsoft’s Answer to Google Reviews

Bing Places for Business steps up to the search engine plate as Microsoft’s counterpart to Google Reviews, providing a venue for businesses to showcase their offerings and for consumers to leave their feedback.

Best for Bing Users: Targeting the substantial user base of the second-largest search engine, Bing Places becomes an important territory for businesses to claim, especially for those looking to reach customers beyond Google’s ecosystem.

Top 5 Features:

  1. Integration with Bing’s search and map functionalities
  2. Free business listing with the option to add photos, services, and detailed business information
  3. Accessibility to edit and manage business details in real-time
  4. Customer review section beneath the business listing for direct feedback
  5. Option to add deals or promotions to attract customers through the search engine


Customer review websites are important for local businesses because they influence over 75% of customers’ purchasing decisions. These websites allow customers to rate and review businesses, which can boost a business’s local ranking on Google.

Popular review platforms include Google Business Profile, Facebook, Yelp, Trustpilot, and Bing. For restaurants, OpenTable, Zomato, Foursquare, and Zagat are key sites, while Tripadvisor and Expedia are essential for the hospitality sector. Healthcare providers should be present on WebMD and, and service industries can benefit from being listed on Yellow Pages, Manta, and Angi.

Businesses should encourage customers to leave reviews to improve their online reputation and local SEO. Managing multiple review sites can be time-consuming, but solutions like Reputation Brief can help businesses manage their reviews from one platform.

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